Hi. I was a medical products research scientist for nearly 30 years. I love math and science and can help your student to love it too. It is hard to enjoy something if it is confusing and frustrating!

  • I can help your student master a math or science concept so that they (and you too) will smile when they get their test or homework returned with an awesome grade
  • I can help your student to master math and science  to give them confidence and build self-esteem
  • I can  help  your student by determining what past concepts they need to review and grasp to move on to the more complex challenges
  •   Subjects I would love to help your student with

Math — Fractions/Decimals/Percents;   Algebra;

Science –  Biology; Chemistry;

I would like our first meeting to be in a public place, like a library. My fee is $40 per hour. We can design packages for ongoing meetings. I look forward to meeting new students and parents!

You can contact me at

Good tutoring along the journey makes the way seem easier!